Twin learning tower - express delivery

Twin learning tower - express delivery - standard
Twin learning tower - White
Twin learning tower - express delivery - for little explorers
Twin learning tower for little explorers - White

Twin learning tower - express delivery

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Product Details

Learning tower for twins and siblings
Tukataka double twin learning tower

The Tukataka twin learning tower enables children to learn new things and discover the world around them. Children are always safe. The tower has an adjustable height option (three different settings to suit children depending on their age and height).

You can start using your tower as soon as your child can stand independently, and they are steady on their little feet. For some, it is as soon as they are 10 months old, others it could be 13-14 months of age.

Double twin learning tower - standard model

Express delivery times

Are you looking for a beautiful present for your child? Need it quickly? Jump the queue by ordering our Express production time service. This service ensures that we can deliver your new Tukataka tower much faster than the Standard bespoke orders.

Not compatible with add-ons

The Express Learning towers are ready-made and stored in our UK warehouse for an extra-fast delivery. Unfortunately, this means that they cannot be customised with add-ons. Add-ons can be added to standard towers during the manufacturing process as per your requirements.

If you would like to customise the Learning tower, please select the standard version, and select your add-ons. Please note: the standard delivery time is approximately 20 days.


A twin learning tower for twins or siblings

It may not be always practical to have two towers in your kitchen. There could be space restriction, not to mention the financial implication of purchasing two products.

With this in mind, we came up with an idea for a twin learning tower. This version will not only save you money but also save precious space in the kitchen.

Your children will be able to develop their usual learning skills, but what’s more, the twin learning tower will also enhance their empathy and the ability to work together with their siblings.

Encourage your child’s development

Your child can climb into the tower and not only see the kitchen surface, the sink, etc. but also participate in some activities (e.g. rolling out the dough, stirring, mixing, washing up, measuring, helping to hang up clothes, brushing their teeth in the bathroom, etc.)

These activities encourage your child’s development and teach them new skills.

Your child will be safe

We all have heard of accidents where a child fell off the chair or stool. Our tower prevents these kinds of accidents. Thanks to the safety railing and adjustable height, along with the safety catches, there is no risk of children accidentally falling and injuring themselves when the Tukataka tower is used.

No more crawling around the house and potentially dangerous exploring missions. You will be able to monitor your child while you are cooking, preparing breakfast, when in your workspace, and during many other activities. Your child is always nearby and under your supervision.

Two siblings are mixing the dough on Tukataka Twin learning tower
Playful learning with double learning tower for two kids

No more carrying your child

Not having to carry your child all the time (especially when you are trying to cook) can be of great help. Using the tower, your child will be able to play, and you will have both hands free to do your usual tasks. Let’s face it, having to carry your child, who could be 10 kg or more, for an extended amount of time could be tiring.

Tukataka white twin learning tower

Learning tower can grow together with your child

As your child grows, it would be great to have a tower that could grow with them. The average highchair, stool, or homemade steps are not always flexible and won’t grow with your child. You know the situation – the homemade steps are too high at first and as your child grows, they become too low, resulting in your child having to crouch or strain, or, the safety railing could be too low or too high.

Every tukataka learning tower has height-adjustable step

We believe, we have found a solution to this problem. Our Tukataka learning tower has an adjustable height platform step (three-level child step stool). This extends the life of the tower as it can be adjusted to grow with your child according to their height and age. This way, there will be no need have to have to purchase another learning tower as they grow.

The height settings are as follows:

  • highest 50 cm (for the smallest explorers)
  • middle 37,5 cm (for children up to 4 years old)
  • lowest 25 cm (for older children). Please note that the safety rails can be removed with the lowest setting.
Twin learning tower
Double learning tower

A high-quality handmade learning tower made in the EU

A worker hand paints a twin learning tower in black - Every Tukataka tower is handmade and original
A worker assembles magnetic board on a learning tower - Every Tukataka tower is handmade and original

Every learning tower is handmade with love. ❤️  Each is unique and original, and we pay particular attention to every little detail. There are no visible nails or joinery. We also ensure that there are no sharp edges on the tower. They are all made in the European Union.


Invest in your child

Tukataka learning tower is a premium piece of Montessori furniture designed to stimulate your child’s development. Purchasing it will facilitate hours of playtime for your little ones and provide the opportunity for them to be involved in numerous stimulating activities which will aid in their sensory, cognitive, memory, movement and recognition development.

To varnish or not to varnish? Which tower is better?

Which tower is better – the one with the varnish applied or one without? Read more about the advantages of applying varnish.

Extended 3-year warranty

Our learning towers are a premium product and have been tried and tested by thousands of children across Europe. We are very proud of our work and we guarantee that everything will be first-rate. We offer an extended 3-year warranty during which we will be happy to repair your tower or exchange it in the event of irreparable damage. Alternatively, we can supply spare parts.


There is nothing so beautiful as a happy child seeing their new Tower

This kind of joy can be brought into the family routine when the Tukataka Learning tower becomes part of the family. Little Eilidh began to unwrap her new Learning tower as soon as she’d received it. Once unwrapped, she didn’t hesitate to climb right into it. A proud new owner!

Happy customers

We are delighted to be able to share some photographs from our satisfied customers. We are firm believers that the ability to share your experience with others is the best way to help and perhaps even inspire others.

Tukataka learning tower
Step up stool tower

Check out the images of happy little tots using our learning towers.

Imperfectly perfect - drawbacks of solid wood painting

Unique wood structure of every Tower

As you can see, each part of the tower has its own unique structure, depending on how the tree grew.

If you wish to order a tower in a light colour finish (e.g., white, yellow, beige, ivory, light blue) please bear in mind that these colours will not fully cover the natural tree-ring patterns. Although we use two coats of paint, sometimes the structure of the wood will be slightly visible through the paint, which gives the impression of dirt, when in fact it is not. We refer to this as “dirty impression”.

Show more examples of painted spruce wood structure.

At what age can I start using the learning tower?

At what age can I start using the learning tower?
At what age can I start using the learning tower?

You can start using the tower as soon as your child is able to stand independently, and they are steady on their little feet.

Thanks to the height-adjustable step, with the three different height settings, you could use the learning tower up to the age of five years old or be guided by the height of your child.

Will I be able to adjust the step height for my child?

Yes. Every Tukataka tower has an adjustable step. There are three height adjustable settings. The difference between each height position is 12,5 cm. This means the steps can be adjusted to these heights: 25 cm, 37.5 cm, or 50 cm.

This gives our clients the flexibility to use the tower for many years. Put simply, you can use the Tukataka tower from the moment your child is able to stand independently up to the age of 5 years.

Dimensions and specifications

Twin learning tower dimensions
  • Height: 90 cm
  • Base (bottom length x width): 65 x 41 cm
  • Platform (upper length x width): 63 x 27 cm
  • Height settings: 50 cm, 37,5 cm, 25 cm
  • Step: 30 x 19 cm
  • Box dimensions: 70 x 50 x 100 cm
  • Material: wood - spruce
  • Weight: up to 10 kg
  • Assembly required: No - learning tower will be delivered built
  • Weight capacity: over 440 lbs (200 kg) – the twin tower can easily hold two adults
Twin learning tower - Weight capacity

Shipping Details

Delivery time: 2-3 business days.

How much does shipping cost?

At Tukataka, you only pay for the product. After all, what you would pay for shipping cost could be used much more effectively. So, the next scoop of ice cream is on us!

How long does it take to make my tower?

Each tower is unique, and lovingly hand made. Naturally, hand-made products take longer to make, which is why we may take slightly longer to deliver a finished product.

The total delivery time of the tower consists of production time and transport time.

On average, to make a Tower (single or twin design) with a custom colour finish takes approximately 20 business days.

Adding an abacus or built-in chalkboard may extend the manufacturing process by an additional 5 days. This means, that your custom coloured learning tower with an abacus and chalkboard, will take 20+5=25 business days to create.

Adjusting the height of your Learning tower may extend the manufacturing process by an additional 3 days. Please note: Any height adjustments are classed as custom-made items and cannot be refunded without a reason. This does not affect your statutory legal rights.

If you wish to hand paint your child’s name to the Tower, add extra 2 business days. Meaning that the manufacturing process of your tower will take 20+2=22 business days. Adding an abacus and hand-painting your child’s name takes 20+2+5=27 business days.

All other products (such as magnets, protective grab handles, chef’s sets, etc.) are readily available in our stock, therefore they do not affect the length of the manufacturing process.

How long does it take for my tower to arrive?

All our Towers are made in the heart of Europe – in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The standard delivery time is up to 5 business days. However, due to extra measures and extended checks at the borders related to COVID-19, in some cases it may take up to 15 business days. Items are delivered by UK Mail and are charged at £20.

The delivery times stated are the maximum delivery times. Subject to your location, your order may arrive faster.

Why are the delivery times so long?

We make each Learning tower by hand. We pay attention to every detail making sure there are no sharp edges, no visible nails or joinery. Each Tukataka tower is unique, original, and truly bespoke. All this careful crafting takes time, which explains why our Learning towers can take a little longer to be delivered to you.

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from our workshop.

Express production time

Are you looking for a beautiful present for your child? Need it quickly? Jump the queue by ordering our Express production time service. This service ensures that we can deliver your new Tukataka tower much faster than the Standard bespoke orders.

Please note: There is a limited choice of colours and availability for express delivery towers.

Communication process

After placing your order, we will send you an ‘order confirmation email’. Once your Tower has been completed and shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation mail, followed by an email from the courier with your Tracking ID.

Returns, refunds, cancellations

All items are subject to 14 days money-back guarantee.

Our learning towers have been tried and tested by thousands of children across Europe. We are immensely proud of our work and we guarantee that everything will be first-rate. We offer an extended 3-year warranty. In the unlikely event of your goods being faulty or damaged, we will happily replace or refund your tower. We can also supply spare parts.

If upon delivery, you find that your product is damaged or faulty, you must contact us by email within 48 hours. Send your email to Please be as descriptive as possible and add photographic evidence which shows the fault or damage.

Our helpful and friendly team will help you with any matters of this nature. Please wait to receive authorisation from us before returning an item. In order for a refund to be made a full inspection of the item/items needs to be made by our Returns department.

The returns and refund process can take approximately 2 weeks from the goods being returned to us. Nonetheless, the claim investigation will take no more than 30 days.

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