Choose from our single and twin learning tower selection and raise a clever and happy child.

Learning tower - standard version
Learning tower - standard version
£109.99 - £132.99
Tukataka learning tower - Light Grey
Twin learning tower - standard version - light oak
Twin learning tower - for little explorers - Mint

The Learning tower allows your child to engage in daily activities in your household (e.g., rolling the dough, mixing, sorting, washing, and many more). You can position your child where you would like them for easy monitoring. The Learning tower is a fantastic tool for mums, and it enables the child to learn new things and discover a whole new world surrounding them.

The Tukataka Learning towers are a truly exceptional product. Handmade in the European Union, height-adjustable (three different height settings), with three removable safety bars, and fully customisable. Tukataka Towers come in several versions - Standard, Express delivery, For little explorers, or Twin learning towers. Choose from 35 different colours, add an abacus or magnetic chalkboard. You can also add attachments (e.g. abacus, chalkboard) or personalise your tower by adding your child’s name or other unique add-ons.

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