45 most beautiful pictures of children using a learning tower

45 most beautiful pictures of children using a learning tower

We know that your small children are incredibly curious. Why not encourage this curiosity and the drive to discover their surroundings with the use of a learning tower?


Spending time together in a productive way


A child helping to prepare coffee

The learning tower is an ideal tool for every curious little mind who likes to see what mum’s holding in her hand’ what is inside the pan? It also solves one dilemma in the kitchen – how to encourage your child’s development and gain new stimulating experience in a safe way.

Happy parents write that the tower is beautiful, and their little girl is over the moon :-)

How can I help mum? Well, of course, I can use the tower!  Don’t you think it is easier to cook with such amazing cute little helpers?

No need to worry about your child falling out of the Tower


A child standing by the kitchen sink and washing up


The kitchen helper tower is a solid piece of furniture and it is very stable. Every learning tower has a pair of chocks at the back, they secure the tower from toppling and prevent the child from falling out.


Learning tower Tukataka - Light oak

Check out the Tukataka tower

Your little one does not have to concentrate on trying to stay steady. They can relax and play. And you in turn, no longer have to worry about the chair toppling and your child injuring themselves.

Boy makes meal


A child using a saucepan

As your child gets older and becomes steadier on their little feet, you may remove the safety catches.

Cooking together with your child


Morning time with your little helper


How did you start the day, today? The family pictured had received their step stool tower and started to use it immediately. Here they are using it just like their mum thought they would be.

Washing up – what an experience!


Washing up done!

The tower can serve many purposes, not only for play and fun activities but also for developing skills. Many general activities are entirely new to them, which makes it so much fun.

The learning tower is safe and stable


Safety and stability - Tukataka learning tower is safe


The tower is very stable. It consists of three solid sides and a safety bar to the back of the tower which prevents the smaller children from falling out. All this is designed to ensure that your child will not topple the tower (unlike the normal kitchen chair), nor can they misstep and fall.

Just look at those little eyes


A little girl with an excited look in her eyes – simply cute


One of the mums contacted us, saying that the tower is one of the best things ever purchased for their little daughter. It fitted into their household very quickly and is used daily. They have been using the tower since their daughter was 14 months old and are likely to use it for many more months to come.

Flour play

A child playing with the flour
Twin Learning Tower

Do you have two little ones? We can offer a double learning tower designed for twins or siblings.


Double Twin Learning Tower for siblings


Look who’s impatient. :-)

He’s excited!


Fun and games


Carrying a child, who could be around 10 kg, in your arms or in a baby carrier every day for extended periods, could be somewhat tiring. With the tower, you no longer need to do this.

No more balancing your child in your arms and cook, using just the one hand. Once your child is in the learning tower, they are near you and they can play.

An amazing and helpful tool for your kitchen


Potato sorting


This is a perfect tower for the development of your child. Instead of constantly carrying your child, let them use the tower. Now, you have the use of both hands (not to mention you are protecting your back), and you can cook freely whilst your little one observes you from a higher level.

Brushing your teeth in a learning tower


Teeth brushing in a learning tower



Learning Tower in the bathroom


The tower is a great helper, enabling your child to develop many different skills – washing their hands, brushing teeth, role-playing, fruit picking in the garden or even helping to decorate the Christmas tree :-).

Simply great buy


Potato sorting


One mum contacted us to say that the father was not too pleased to hear that she has purchased yet another ‘mod con’. Later, however, he admitted that it is a truly wonderful item. They started using it when their son was one year old. 


Montessori Principles inspired


Tukataka is a Montessori learning tower


When designing the Tukataka kitchen tower, we took inspiration from the Montessori-inspired principles, where the child develops both their fine and gross motor skills.

They will also learn to name the vegetables, spices or other kitchen aids and ingredients. The tower follows the Montessori principle, that a child must be free to explore and follow their own natural impulses which their surroundings provide.

Learning tower for little explorers - white

Check out the Tukataka tower

The learning tower is a superb help whilst you are cooking. When your child can reach the work surface, they might be able to help their mums with stirring, washing the fruit and vegetables, washing up or organising and tidying – all these activities will help with your child’s development.

And you don’t have to carry your child all the time. :-)

We have baked Christmas cookies


Christmas cookies baking


There is something special about baking Christmas cookies with your children.

We’ve baked brownies


Making brownies with your little helpers


The tower is a superb tool whilst cooking. When the little one can reach the work surface, they can help their mum with stirring, organising, washing up, washing the fruits and veg. All are stimulating and fun activities which help with their development.

A little chef is making their own hot chocolate


Preparing a hot chocolate in the kitchen


Christmas Tree decorating could be much more fun if your children are no longer restricted to the lower branches.

A budding little chef


Tukataka kitchen helper tower

Simply too cute.

The greatest happiness is that of a child

A child is always happy to play
Banana chopping

Just look at how happy the children are using the tower. :-)

This picture was sent to us by a happy mum, who simply wanted to share how her little one helps her with the cooking. The tower pictured here is our standard model in white finish.

Impatient :)


When can we cook? On a learning tower!


When do we cook? :)

At last! They can reach the kitchen worktop


A child helping with the cooking

The Tukataka learning tower is simply great! Your little one is always nearby; they can help you cook and develop their skills. One happy mum informed us that they have had the tower since her toddler was 11 months old and they have been using it for over thirty months now.

Read what other mums say.


Always nearby


Your child is always close


One of the great things about the Tukataka learning tower is that your child will always remain nearby so that you can monitor them quite easily. No more crawling here, there and everywhere. You no longer need to worry about what they might be up to.

Tukataka learning tower will grow with your child


The height-adjustable step enables your child to grow with the Learning tower


Children grow up so fast, which is why we came up with the idea of adjusting the height of the tower. The step has three height settings which enable you to adjust it according to your child’s age or height. Thanks to this feature, you do not need to purchase multiple towers as the height adjustment extends their life.

Enough room to move around


The Tukataka learning kitchen helper

Your child will not feel as if they have no room within the tower space :) They can easily turn, or even gently swirl around. The design enables the option to move around.


Children love sorting things out


Standing on the tower is great fun for children, even if you are not cooking at the time. They love spending time in the tower, seeing what is going on, playing and trying out new things.

Checking out the outside world :-)


A new activity: looking out of the window, there are so many things to see, street, people, cars

Another new activity for the inquisitive little mind - standing by the window and watching the world go by. There are many new things they can see - a street, people, cars, etc. This new experience can bring a new different kind of stimulation.

Your child is nearby learning new skills


Washing up together with your little girl


Isn’t she adorable?

Picture 42+43: The joy of a child is the most beautiful kind

Playing with little balls in the sink from a learning tower
Little balls in the sink

Playing in the sink with little balls. Dad says that the kitchen was almost flooded but seeing the stars in his child’s eyes was totally worth it! Who knew that the distance between the tower and the kitchen sink could be so close....

Check out the Tukataka tower


Washing up time


Washing the dishes together with your little tot


Mum and Dad wrote to us that they love the tower and their little girl adores it too :-)


This little one says a big thank you :)

Don’t hesitate, order your learning tower today!

Don’t hesitate, order your Tukataka learning tower. The most popular is our standard model with the safety bars - suitable for one child. Check it out:

Tukataka learning tower standard version varnished

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