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Tower unboxing experience [Tots together review]

Tower unboxing experience [Tots together review]

How do mums rate our tower? Becky from Tots Together received her Tukataka tower made as per her requirements - she even requested her daughter's name to be added to the tower.

What was her reaction? Check out her review video with an unboxing experience.


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Becky's toddler Indigo playing in the sink


Tukataka learning tower with painted name near the sink



Height adjustable learning tower

As your child grows, it would be great to have a tower that could grow with them. The average highchair, stool, or homemade steps are not always flexible and won’t grow with your child. You know the situation – the homemade steps are too high at first and as your child grows, they become too low, resulting in your child having to crouch or strain, or, the safety railing could be too low or too high.


Every tukataka tower has height-adjustable step


We believe, we have found a solution to this problem. Our Tukataka learning tower has an adjustable height platform step (three-level child step stool). This extends the life of the tower as it can be adjusted to grow with your child according to their height and age. This way, you are only purchasing one tower, which will grow with your little one.



Paint containers
paint brushes


Every Tukataka learning tower is a quality handmade product. Every tower is lovingly crafted ❤️. We are very detail orientated. There are no visible nails or joinery. We also ensure that there are no sharp edges on the tower.


Custom colours & add-ons

Step And Bars Colour Selection
Tukataka tower - Step And Bars Colour Selection


You can choose the colour that your child likes or a colour that will suit your kitchen. You can choose to have your tower painted from our palette of 31 different colours or 6 shades of wood.

You can also have more than one colour (e.g. you could have a different colour for the step, or the safety bars). Changing colours of the steps or the safety bars to any other is free of charge.


Built-in magnetic chalkboard with farm magnets


You can customise your learning tower by adding your child’s name. Is your kitchen worktop higher or lower than the average? We can adjust the height of the learning Tower based on your requirements.

The handles of the tower could be protected by our protective grab area covering. You can also add an abacus or a magnetic chalkboard to the sides of your learning tower.


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