Why a learning tower? 14 reasons why your child should have one

Why a learning tower? 14 reasons why your child should have one

Are you considering a learning tower, but cannot quite decide, whether it is the right thing for your child? Below, we list several reasons for purchasing one.

We hope these will help you see why a learning tower is a great long-term investment.

Step up stool tower
  1. The safety of your child is the single, most important issue for every parent. Our learning tower is very stable, with three solid sides and safety bars at the back. The safety bars are added for extra protection so that smaller children do not accidentally fall out. Unlike the usual dining chair, your child is not in the danger of misstepping and falling out of the chair.
  1. The learning tower helps your child to stand in a safe environment from the early moments when they are able to stand independently. It is stable and safe. Because your child is now able to reach the kitchen work surface, they will be eager to help you while you cook. With the tower, they can also safely brush their little teeth.
Rolling dough and baking in the kitchen on tukataka learning tower
  1. Your little munchkin can fully concentrate on what they are doing. They won’t be distracted with trying to stay steady on a regular chair and you, in turn, can also relax knowing that they are safe, and the tower won’t topple.
An amazing and helpful step stool for your kitchen
Kitchen full of helpers - tukataka learning tower
  1. Your back and arms get a much-deserved rest and allow your little one to observe the world from a higher level, because there is apparently too much fun going on up there. Using the tower makes dinner time much less stressful.
Kitchen helper


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  1. Allow your child to assist you whilst you cook; they could learn so many new things. For example, identify colours, differentiate between vegetables or other condiments.
  1. And let’s not forget the sensory education. Your child could learn all about the different flavours, like cinnamon, flour, fresh basil, bananas and many, many more.

  1. Learning towers have more uses. In the kitchen children could sift the flour, stir mixtures or roll the dough, but let’s not forget about craft activities.  All these activities help to develop their concentration skills and give them a sense of achievement and independence.
A game with children's balls in the sink
  1. Your child will enjoy washing the fruit, vegetables or even the dishes.
  1. The tower will give your children a sense of freedom. As they get older, they could move it themselves, accessing the sink to wash their hands or closer to you so that they can be your little kitchen assistant.
Tukataka montessori learning tower

  1. Picking your own fruit directly from the tree could be so much fun for your little helper. Why not take the tower into the garden?
  1. The learning tower can also be a great help in the bathroom. Hand washing, teeth brushing? No problem!
A little chef is cooking dinner
Playful learning and new activities on a learning tower
  1. Want to see what daddy is up to in the workshop?  Your little helper could be passing the screws or the measuring tape; love carrying out these tasks.
Montessori learning stool

  1. As you are doing more activities together, you are strengthening the bond between your child and you. What’s more, you no longer have to try and think of activities that are solely aimed at your little one, you can simply involve them in the general daily routine.
The baby is close to mom and is playing, baking with her in his learning tower
  1. Using the learning tower will also give your child a sense of self-confidence. They will feel like an independent little person.

Tukataka kitchen helper tower

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