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Answering frequently asked questions about Tukataka learning towers.

About Tukataka tower

What is the Tukataka Learning Tower?


The Tukataka learning tower is a special stool for toddlers and young children, with a safety rail that prevents falls and injuries. It enables toddlers and young children to work at the kitchen worktop, table, and kitchen sink. Your little ones can engage with the world around them.

They can observe your actions and participate in new, stimulating activities such as washing up, sorting out, dough rolling and more. These activities enable your child to develop and learn new skills.

Your little ones will be happy that they can help you with the daily tasks. They love being able to help in the kitchen, from washing up to cooking, but they can also help dad in the garage by being in front of the workbench – our customers tell us. Put simply, they enjoy discovering the secrets of life.


Why use a learning tower?

A learning tower gives you and your child the following benefits:

Encourages development

The biggest benefit of the Montessori learning tower is the development of your child. They can observe you and take part in new activities, get stimulated by their environment, learn new things, put simply, they can discover a whole new world through play.

Montessori learning tower
Kitchen helper stand

Your child is safe

Thanks to the protective railings on the Learning tower, your child stays in one place. No more crawling around the apartment and trying all sorts of things. Monitoring the activities of your child becomes easier while you cook, prepare meals, or are involved in doing a bit of DIY or any other activity.

We have all heard about nasty injuries caused by falls from a chair or a stool. If used according to the instructions provided these injuries won’t happen using the learning tower. The risk of falls and broken limbs is eliminated by the safety bars with a safety mechanism.


You don’t have to carry your child around at all times

Carrying a little child weighing 22 lbs/10-kilos can be quite tiring. Thanks to the learning tower, you don’t have to pick up your child each time or carry them in a baby carrier. Your child will be playing in the Tukataka tower and you can continue with your daily activities (both hands-free).

Step up stool tower
Cooking kitchen tower

Invest in your child

The Tukataka learning tower is also a great investment in your child’s development. You could potentially gain hours of entertainment and stimulating activities for your little one, just with the one purchase. The tower will encourage the development of cognitive, mobility, memory and reasoning skills.


Time with your children

The more time a parent spends with their little one, the better future academic development, relationships and general wellbeing they are likely to have in the future. The Montessori learning tower will provide you more time that could be dedicated to your child.


At what age can I start using the learning tower?

You can start using the tower as soon as your child is able to stand independently, and they are steady on their little feet. For some it is as soon as they are 10 months old, for the others 13-14 months of age.

Child standing steady on their little feet


Can children outgrow the learning tower too quickly?

Adjust the height of step

The Tukataka learning tower has an adjustable height with three different settings. These can be adjusted based on your child’s age or height to the following settings: 50, 37.5 or 25 cm. This enables you to use the Tukataka tower for approximately five years.

The smallest toddlers can use the Tukataka learning tower with the height adjusted at 50 cm, the mid-setting of 37.5 cm is generally used for children up to 4 years old and the lowest setting of 25 cm is designed for a slightly older helper.

The height adjustments of the Tukataka ensure that the height is always appropriately set. This not only prevents injuries which could be caused by falls (e.g. falls from a standard chair or stool) but also extends the amount of fun your little helper could have in a safe playing environment using the tower.


What is the upper age limit for the use of the learning tower?

Every tukataka tower has height-adjustable step

Thanks to the height-adjustable step, with the three different height settings, you could use the learning tower up to the age of five years old or be guided by the height of your child. Our older daughter used it until she was 6 and was high enough to be able to easily reach countertop.


I have two children. Do I need two learning towers?

Twin learning tower
Double learning tower for two kids

No, you don’t. It could be somewhat difficult to have two learning towers in your kitchen. Not only in terms of space, but it could also be financially more demanding. This is why, we came up with the idea of a Twin learning tower model, which accommodates two little ones at the same time.

Not only are your children safe, but they can develop their mutual understanding skills as well as cooperation with a sibling.

Similar to the standard learning tower, our Twin model also has the benefit of height-adjustable step with three different height settings.

We would like to point out, that the height-adjustable step can only be adjusted as a single height, therefore it is only suitable for children of similar height or age.

Product selection and purchase

Why do we think purchasing Tukataka is a bargain?

Since we have started running our business, there is one remark from our potential customers that stands high above all the others.


That is why we would like to clarify why is it so. 

1. High-quality materials - we only use high-quality solid spruce wood materials for all our towers. This wood lasts longer than any kind of plywood assembled by the CNC machine.

2. It is already assembled, zero work required - just unpack your tower and start using it. No workshop or craftsman skills needed. Save your time for more important things, such as cooking and baking with your loved ones ❤️️

3. Height adjustable – our towers are manufactured in a way that they can grow with your toddler. Using our height-adjustable step, Tukataka can be used by children between the ages of 1-5.

4. It is extra safe - we use various additional measures that increase the price but increase safety as well. That is extra supporting leg that we attach to the bottom so that your baby should never be able to accidentally trip the tower over.

5. It looks beautiful – which design do you like more - Tukataka or some DIY version? :)

Read more


Are you planning any specials? Discounts? Black friday? Do you offer any coupons?

No, we don´t, sorry.  We already try to provide our towers at the lowest possible price where we are able to guarantee high quality product, something that we can be proud of.

We surely could lower the price. We could remove the supporting extra leg and save 10 GBP there. We could make tower with 2 protective bars instead of 3. We could use some lower quality wood. We could buy cheaper machines or hire less expensive staff.

But all those savings would in the end impact the quality of the product or service that we provide. And since we are talking about the most precious gift that we all have, our children, we rather go with the safe, reliable and proven solution.

Personalize your Tower

Will I be able to adjust the step height for my child?

Every Tukataka tower has an adjustable step. There are three height adjustable settings. The difference between each height position is 12,5 cm. This means the steps can be adjusted to these heights: 25 cm, 37.5 cm, or 50 cm. This gives our clients the flexibility to use the tower for many years. Put simply, you can use the Tukataka tower from the moment your child is able to stand independently up to the age of 5 years.

Adjusting the step is easy: Slide the step from its current position sideways and slide back into the desired height.


Can I remove the safety bars from the tower?

Yes. The advantage of Tukataka tower is that the safety bars are removable. Thus your child does not have to be lifted into the Tower to get it in our out. You may also allow your child to climb in and out of the Tower independently.


Safety catches

First, you must remove the safety catches (as these ensure the safety bars remain in their position), and then you simply slide the safety bars sideways to remove them.


I have specific requirements. How much can I customise the tower?

Built-in magnetic chalkboard with farm magnets

You can protect the upper parts of your Tukataka tower with protective grab handles made of washable fabric. These are designed to act as additional protection from the little teeth that are eager to try everything new.

We can also customise the tower, by hand painting your child’s name on it.

Supporting legs

Further customisation can be requested for the addition of a magnetic chalkboard or abacus to the sides of the tower. We can also adjust the height to perfectly match your kitchen workspace.

Anti-climb prevention? We have thought of this in our Little explorers design.


Is the magnetic chalkboard built-in or detachable?

Built in magnetic chalkboard
Hanging chalkboard

Both. We offer removable chalkboard or built-in chalkboardSelect your magnetic chalkboard in the Add-ons section.

A tower with the built-in chalkboard is lighter, has a more compact and unified look.

The removable chalkboard is larger and has metal hooks to attach it to the sides of the tower making the overall product heavier. The advantage of the removable chalkboard is that it can be removed and used elsewhere in the house.


What colour is the learning tower?

You can choose from 31 different colours and 7 shades of wood. You can choose the colour to suit your kitchen colour scheme, or a colour your child will fall in love with.


Can I mix and match colours? For example, have a different colour step or safety bars, etc.?

Light blue step and bars colour selection
Yellow step and bars colour selection
Purple step and bars colour selection

Of course, you can! You can choose one colour for the basic structure of your learning tower and a completely different colour for the safety bars and for the height adjustable step. 

Changing colours of the steps or the safety bars to any other is free of charge. There is no limit to your creativity.😊

Please note that during the ordering process, you are selecting the colour of the helper tower. To specify a different colour for the height adjustable step and safety bars, you will need to select the category: Add-ons.

Please see some of our colourful ideas, we hope these can serve as an inspiration for your future kitchen helper tower.


How does the Little explorers model vary from the standard model?

Vertical kitchen helper tower
Learning tower for curious minds
Kitchen helper for little explorers

The Little explorers model has vertical bars. These were created with extra safety in mind. Thanks to these bars, there is no resting point for your active little child to use as a step and potentially climb over.

standard vs explorers


My kitchen work surface is higher/lower than the standard. What can I do?

Our standard learning tower height is 90 cm, which fits the height of most kitchen work surfaces. However, we would be happy to adjust the height to suit your requirements. This type of change is classed as Add-on which you can purchase as a separate item.

Please note, that if your kitchen work surface height is between 90-93 cm, you do not need to adjust the height of the tower. Although it might be slightly lower than the actual work surface, it will not impede the use of the Tukataka learning tower. It is more of an aesthetic decision.

However, if your kitchen work surface is lower than 89 cm, we recommend adjusting the height of the tower to suit the height of your work surface so that your it is not higher than your work surface. Please note: if your work surface is lower than 3 cm, reducing the height is certainly needed.


What do mums say about the Tukataka learning tower?

There are thousands of happy mums all over Europe who have provided us with positive feedback.

Please read more in the section Happy kids ❤️.


What are the dimensions of our Tukataka learning tower?

Standard helper tower dimensions
Twin learning tower dimensions

A standard tower has the following dimensions:

  • Height: 90 cm
  • Base (bottom length x width): 41 x 37 cm
  • Platform (upper length x width): 39 x 27 cm
  • Height settings: 50 cm, 37,5 cm, 25 cm
  • Step: 30 x 19 cm
  • Supporting legs: 49 cm x 5 cm
  • Box dimensions: 50 x 50 x 100 cm

Twin tower:

  • Height: 90 cm
  • Base (bottom length x width): 65 x 41 cm
  • Platform (upper length x width): 63 x 27 cm
  • Height settings: 50 cm, 37,5 cm, 25 cm
  • Step: 30 x 19 cm
  • Box dimensions: 70 x 50 x 100 cm


Is the Tukataka learning tower handmade?

Paint containers
paint brushes

Yes. Every Tukataka learning tower is a quality handmade product. Every tower is lovingly crafted ❤️. We are very detail orientated. There are no visible nails or joinery. We also ensure that there are no sharp edges on the tower.

Read more: Every tower is handmade and unique


What material do you use for production?

Our learning towers are made of quality spruce wood. 

The standard learning tower without accessories weighs approximately 8 kg. Adding accessories such as a magnetic blackboard or an abacus increases the weight to 13 - 15 kg. 

If your child decides to lick or bite the surface of the tower (for example they have just dropped a little bit of that delicious jam which mum made), rest assured that we only use child-safe paint that is natural based, non-toxic, eco-friendly and is Certified Safe.


Will the kitchen tower support my child’s weight?

We are certain, that it will. Every Tukataka tower is made to support a person weighing up to 220 pounds, or 100 kg. Please check out this picture of an adult male standing on the learning tower:

Weight capacity

Our twin learning towers can support even two adults weighing up to 440 pounds, or 200 kg.

Twin learnign tower - Weight capacity

Twin learnign tower - Weight capacity


Are Tukataka towers safe?

Safety railing
Support leg

The Tukataka learning towers are incredibly stable and can withstand toddlers’ moving around. It is not possible to topple the Tukataka tower with general use. Therefore, we say confidently that your little one will be safe in the Tukataka learning tower.  

We all have heard of accidents where a child fell off the chair or stool. Our Learning tower prevents these kinds of accidents. 

Safety catches

Our towers have a safety railing – your child will be where you can always monitor them. The safety railing consists of three safety bars. These are also enforced with safety catches which are difficult for children to remove, thus eliminating the dangers of falls and possible broken limbs or other parts of the body.

The adjustable step with three possible height adjustments (depending on your child’s age or height) is designed to prevent your child from leaning over. This ensures that the tower is always set to the optimal height for your child.


What kind of activities can your child do whilst in the learning tower?

Rolling out the dough, washing up, stirring, mixing, brushing teeth, washing their hands, help mum to prepare meals, and much more.

Step up stool tower
Cooking tower

Banana mashing, vegetable washing, observing the outside world, helping mum with the hanging up the laundry, helping with the Christmas decorating, perhaps picking fruit outside, or, even getting up close with your favourite pet horse – all these are possible with the use of our Tukataka learning tower.


How did we get the idea of a learning tower?

The idea of the Tukataka learning tower in its present form originated thanks to the curiosity of our twins (who were 18 months old at the time). To try and cook whilst having to hold them both at the same time, was not exactly ideal :-).

That is how the idea was born. We decided to create our own learning tower and our little girls fell in love with it. It quickly became an inseparable part of our daily routine, and even though our girls are now six years old, but they still love using the tower.

Soon, creating the towers developed into a business venture. Fortunately, we enjoy making them so much, it is more of a hobby – meaning that all our products are lovingly handcrafted.

Read more in Our story.


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