The safety bars now have magnets! (Instead of pins)

The safety bars now have magnets! (Instead of pins)

We have listened to your feedback, and we have come up with one major product innovation: the safety bars at the back of our Learning towers now have magnets.

Thanks to this change, you can now insert and remove the safety bars more easily, but we have also ensured that they can only be removed by an adult.


Removable safety bars on the back

One of the unique features of our Learning towers is that they contain three removable safety bars on the back. The previous design had a slight flaw. The safety catches were quite difficult to insert or remove. It required a fair amount of force to insert them safely. After a while, they became worn, which made them easier to remove by their little users.


The idea of using magnets

Naturally, we are always keen to innovate and improve our products, and we came up with the idea of using magnets instead of pins. Magnets are located at the end of the safety bar, and in the corresponding opening where the safety bar gets inserted. Once the safety bars are aligned, the magnets will click together safely.

See for yourself:


This new adjustment solved issues with the previously used pins, e.g., the laborious inserting and removal of the bars is now super easy, and the magnets won’t wear after a long period of active use.

The magnets used are too strong for a child, but they are just right for an adult.

We do not use ferrite refrigerator magnets. We use permanent, neodymium magnets that retain their magnetic strength for hundreds of years, so you do not have to worry about the magnets weakening.

We firmly believe that this innovation is a step forward in Tukataka Learning tower becoming an even better kitchen helper tower.


Magnets vs. safety catches


Learning tower pins


Safety bars have magnets instead of safety catches
Safety bars have magnets instead of pins
Safety bars have magnets instead of pins

How to use safety bars?

We always recommend using three safety bars for smaller children. Using three bars will ensure your child is completely safe inside the tower. When your child is a little older, you may remove the bottom bar to enable them to enter and exit the Learning tower independently whilst retaining the safety aspect. Once your child is 4 years and older, you can remove the safety bars completely (subject to discretion).

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