Why do we think getting Tukataka tower is a bargain? Discussing our pricing

Why do we think getting Tukataka tower is a bargain? Discussing our pricing

Since we have started running our business, there is one remark from our potential customers that stands high above all the others.

The Price.

Many people have asked, why is this piece of wood so expensive? Many said that we must be out of our minds. And many would rather go and make their version of tower, using some IKEA hack.

But before we dig into that, imagine the following: You have been accused of committing a crime and you are potentially facing a couple of years in prison. 

Now let me ask you: 

Would you like to be represented by the state-appointed cost solicitor? Or would you want to make sure that you get the best legal representation available in the country?

When it comes to the important things in life, we all want the best. We strongly believe that the Tukataka tower is one of those things. It is an investment into your child´s brain development, enhancing their ability to explore the world, feeding their curiosity.... You are going to use your tower daily for several years. It will become an integral part of your home. Surely, you would want it to be of exceptionally high quality whilst being a stunning piece of furniture.

Below are some of the main reasons we believe the Tukataka tower is top-notch:

1. High-quality materials - we only use high-quality solid spruce wood materials for all our towers. These are handpicked from a verified supplier in Europe. This wood lasts longer than any kind of plywood assembled by the CNC machine somewhere in China. 

 2. It is already assembled, zero work required - just unpack your tower and start using it This is no IKEA DIY thing, no workshop or craftsman skills needed. Save your time for more important things, such as cooking and baking with your loved ones ❤️️

Moreover, there are zero screws, bolts, nails used. You will not need any screwdriver, drill, manuals, there won´t be any missing parts. It is a simple clean design.

3. Height adjustable – our towers are manufactured in a way that they can grow with your toddler. Using our height-adjustable step, Tukataka can be used by children between the ages of 1-5. We personally can testify to this fact as our daughter used her tower until the age of 6 when she was tall enough the reach countertop without any assistance.

Height adjustable step

When you choose to make some DIY Ikea hack yourself, please note that most of these towers are not height adjustable. So, at some point the tower will be simply too low, your little one is going to struggle to reach some of the top spots. And later, when your child is 3 or 4, they could be too high, with the kitchen counter far below the hips, and they could potentially fall over the safety bar located at the back.

4. It is extra safe - we use various additional measures that increase the price but increase safety as well. These safety measures are:

- An additional supporting leg that we attach to the bottom so that your baby should never be able to topple the tower. 

Supporting leg for Tukataka learning tower

- We have three safety bars at the back, to ensure your child does not fall out. These bars are removable. So, unlike some other home-made solutions, you can remove these bars whenever your toddler needs.

The safety bars are removable

5. It looks beautiful – our tower is beautifuly designed, you can find pictures all over this place. Just look how DIY versions look like. Do these even look nice or safe?

Learning tower do it yourself 
Ikea hack kitchen helper tower
Learning tower do it yourself
Learning tower ikea hack diy


Would you miss 6 pennies from your wallet?

We strongly believe that our tower is a real bargain. Let´s do little math here.

Say, you decide to go the DIY route and make yourself a home-made version of the tower. You still need to get some step stool, timber, bolts, nuts, etc. Let’s assume you already have all the working tools - a drill, saw, smoothing plane, and other required workshop accessories available, so you don´t need to buy any of those. 

Even under all these circumstances, it would cost you roughly 50-60 GBP, which consists of the price of materials and value of your time putting it together (depending on the value placed on your time). Taking all these into account, a standard non-varnished Tukataka tower, which starts at 99,99 GBP, would cost you 40-50 GBP more, comparatively.

Let’s assume that you have only one child and they are going to use the tower until the age of 5 (so approximately 4 years). Assuming that you are going to use the tower every other day would give you 182 days / year. So, using the tower in this manner for 4 years = 728 days.

Then doing this simple math would work out that it would only cost you 50 GBP / 728 days of usage = 6 pennies per day extra. 

Would you even notice 6 pennies less in your wallet? Do you think that actually getting the quality we mentioned earlier for 6 pennies a day is a real bargain?

Now, if you decide to have a second baby, or third, etc. The tower usage increases even more as you would be using it more often. You may even decide to sell it on Craigslist once you don´t need it anymore meaning you could recoup some of your investment.

Give it a think. We believe this is a superb value :)

wish you a great day,

Adam playing with balls in the sink and learning

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