Multitasking with a toddler in the kitchen? Try a learning tower!

Multitasking with a toddler in the kitchen? Try a learning tower!

We have all been there. You are trying to do several things at once; look after your little one, cook, tidy, etc. Cooking can sometimes be a challenge because you are limited to when you can actually do this otherwise, you are constantly having to keep an eye on your little munchkin, checking where they are.

Fortunately, there is an interesting aid that could help you in more than one way.

A learning tower

This aid is called a learning tower. Why the learning tower? Because it is truly the most ideal way to keep your little one engaged most interactively and safely. It is a specially adapted highchair with a height-adjustable option to suit your child’s age or height; this feature extends the usage time by several years.

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Montessori education for toddlers
Tukataka Kitchen helper tower

Baking with children is always fun

Safety mechanisms

The Tukataka tower has several safety mechanisms ensuring that your child is safe whilst in it and that there is no danger of your little one falling out of the step stool.

Learning tower for kids and toddlers

The objective of the learning tower is that the child is at your height level. They then feel that they are part of what is going on “up there” and not feel that they are missing out on something they cannot see.

You, as a parent, can engage them in some little activities and monitor them at the same time.

An ideal present for your little one

Playful learning with balls in the sink

The Tukataka tower is very popular among parents. It is one of the easiest ways to teach your child some mobility and several other skills. Importantly, you do not have to carry your child around at all times. Your child is close by, you can talk to them, explain the individual activities, and keep them engaged.

We offer several types of towers: solid, adjustable, with see-through elements, various colour combinations, or Twin learning towers designed to accommodate two children at the same time. We offer to customise your tower by adding a magnetic chalkboard or abacus to the sides. Alternatively, we can also hand-paint your child’s name onto our helper tower.

Beautiful childhood memories thanks to the learning tower
Tukataka Learning tower with Abacus

Tukataka learning tower standard version

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