Why shop with us?

Why shop with us?

How are we different from other sellers?

No #1: Handmade product ❤️

Name painting
Learning tower manufacturing

We put our hearts and souls into producing our learning towers. We love creating them and truly enjoy crafting each product individually by hand. Each product is original, made from quality materials.

There are no visible joints or sharp edges. We use child-safe paint designed for toy production.

No #2: Height adjustable step

The average chairs, stools or home-made steps are usually not height adjustable. And it often happens that at a certain point, they could be too high or too low. We have solved this problem by adding a height-adjustable step to our learning towers.

The step has three different height level settings which can be adjusted based on the height or age or age of the child. Thanks to these settings, you no longer need to purchase multiple learning towers as your child grows.

No #3: Unique accessories and add-ons options

Built-in magnetic chalkboard with farm magnets
An abacus for kitchen helper
Protective grab handles

To customise your tower, we offer several add-ons. These could be added for extra protection, added activities, and general fun. 

We offer protective grab handle covering, customising your tower by adding your child’s name to it, adding an abacus or a magnetic chalkboard. We can also adjust the height of your learning tower to suit your household or offer other specialised customising.

No #4: The safety bars are removable

One of the advantages of the Tukataka Learning Towers is that they have three removable safety bars on the back of the Tower. This means that you do not need to lift your child in and out of the Learning Tower. It may be easier and more convenient to remove the safety bars.

Some mums told us that they only remove the lowest safety bar, enabling their little one to enter and exit the Tower at will.

No #5: The safety bars are attached by a magnet

Safety bars with magnets
Safety bars with magnets

Instead of the previously used wooden safety catches, the safety bars are now attached by a magnet. This improvement means that the safety bars are easy to insert and remove. The magnets are located on the ends of the safety bar and inside the respective openings. All you have to do is insert the safety bar in its place, and the magnet will stick together.

The magnets we use are just the right strength, difficult to remove for a small child, yet easily removed by an adult. We use neodymium magnets as they are resistant to demagnetisation.

No #6: Your Tukataka Tower will arrive fully assembled

All you have to do is choose which model you like, select your bespoke colours + any add-ons, and we will build your Tower to your specifications! No more complicated and time consuming ‘How to assemble’ instructions! Your new Tukataka Learning Tower will arrive fully assembled. All you have to do is unwrap it. This will save you time, which you can spend with your child and enjoy invaluable moments with your child in their new Tukataka Tower.

No #7: Extended 3-year warranty

Most sellers offer only statutory warranty set by the country’s legislation. But what if your product sustains some damage after the warranty has expired? You are unable to get it repaired or replaced.

We are so confident in our learning towers, we provide an extended 3-year warranty, during which time we will repair or replace your tower. Alternatively, we can send out spare parts.

No #8: Made in the EU

Tukataka learning towers are made in the European Union. They are durable, high-quality products with the load-carrying capacity of 220 lbs (100 kg) and they meet all safety requirements. We only use child-safe paint that is natural, non-toxic and is Certified Safe.

No #9: Your product is packaged carefully to prevent damage

Carefully packaged packets

The product is protected by several layers of polystyrene and your goods are stabilised inside the box to prevent migration or damage.

No #10: You will be supporting a small family-run business

The idea of a learning tower in its current form started thanks to the curiosity of our twins when they were 18 months old. It proved rather challenging to hold both babies in our arms and try to work at the same time, especially in the kitchen. Out of our need, the idea of a learning tower was born. Our little girls fell in love with the tower immediately, and it became an integral part of our daily lives. 

Making the learning towers became work, but it is a truly fulfilling job which is also a hobby. When purchasing from us, you are supporting a small, family-run business. Thank you

Summary of reasons to shop with us

  1. Every tower is an original handmade product ❤️
  2. The step is height adjustable
  3. Unique accessories and add-ons
  4. The safety bars are removable
  5. The safety bars are attached by a magnet
  6. Your Tukataka Tower will arrive fully assembled
  7. 3-year warranty for repairs or replacements 
  8. Quality products, made in the EU
  9. Secure packaging preventing damage
  10. You are supporting a small family-run business

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