How to look after your tower so that it looks as good as new?

How to look after your tower so that it looks as good as new?

How to look after your tower so that it looks as good as new for as long as possible?

We have six children between our two families. So, we know quite well just how messy it can get in the kitchen when the children are eager to help with the cooking, stirring, or washing up :)

We would, therefore, like to explain what materials the tower is made of, and how to look after your tower to ensure it keeps looking as good as new for as long as possible. :)

To paint the towers, we use special acrylic paints and varnishes. These are water-based and suitable for wood painting. The colours and varnishes are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. They are also health certified and child safe – used to manufacture children’s furniture and toys, so you do not need to worry if a bit of food lands on the tower surface and your little one decides to lick it :-).

The advantage of this wonderful paint is also its disadvantage. The fact that the paint or varnish does not contain any toxic or aggressive chemicals, makes them less durable. As we mentioned above, our paints are water-based, and water-based paints are water-soluble.

This means that if the paint stays wet for a prolonged period, or if you try to remove any stains aggressively or try to scrape the deposit off, you will significantly reduce the paint’s durability.

If you need to clean the dirty tower, please use a damp cloth without any detergent. Gently run the damp cloth over the dirty surface and wipe the dirt off until it is gone. Do not use excessive force as this could damage the colour’s integrity.

You can get some more cleaning tips in this short video.

How to clean the safety bars?

For towers that have two or more contrasting colours (e.g., white frame and dark safety bars) it is not unusual that during the regular use, some colour will transfer to the safety bar. It is completely normal to have some transfer of colour and this is generally caused when the bars are inserted at an angle rather than horizontally.

All safety bars (varnished or painted towers) are treated with an additional layer of transparent varnish to give them extra protection. If your safety bars get smudged, please use a damp cloth, and wipe them gently until the colour smudges are removed.

A short video:

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