Imperfectly perfect – drawbacks of solid wood painting

Imperfectly perfect – drawbacks of solid wood painting

Just as there are no two people in the world with the same fingerprints, there are no two Tukataka towers that are exactly the same. Each tower is unique because they are made from solid spruce wood.

As you can see, each part of the tower has its own unique structure, depending on how the tree grew.

If you wish to order a tower in a light colour finish (e.g., white, yellow, beige, ivory, light blue) please bear in mind that these colours will not fully cover the natural tree-ring patterns. Although we use two coats of paint, sometimes the structure of the wood will be slightly visible through the paint, which gives the impression of dirt, when in fact it is not. We refer to this as “dirty impression”.

This is how the wood looks after the first coat of paint. We wait for the paint to dry and the tower is now ready for its final - second coat.

This is the tower after applying the second coat of white paint (or yellow paint). As you can see, in some areas, the natural structure of wood is still visible.

The picture below shows how the wood looks when painted with various colours. The natural structure of wood is still visible. Even after applying two coats of paint.

Color scale

Therefore, if you do not like this natural feature of painted wood, we recommend choosing a darker colour that will reliably cover all tree ring patterns.

Alternatively, if you prefer a natural finish look, you may consider a stained wood finish, which emphasizes the unique wood structure.

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