Learning tower for your child: they discover the world and are nearby while you cook

Learning tower for your child: they discover the world and are nearby while you cook

It is very important to help your child develop their motor skills. A child needs to be nurtured not only by the parents but also stimulated by the environment. Why not try the learning tower? Your child could learn so many new skills whilst using the tower.

The Tukataka learning tower with the anti-fall safety mechanism is a great tool. While in the tower, your child will be able to reach your work surfaces and discover a wealth of new skills through play.

They could help you with cooking, stirring, flour sifting, rolling or flattening the dough and many more activities which will all contribute to their development.

Rolling the dough with your children

Thanks to the tower, your child is always close to you and you are able to monitor them much easier whilst cooking or otherwise busy in the kitchen. Your child will not be crawling out of sight, nor will they fall out of it.

Please check out these beautiful pictures of children using the Tukataka learning tower.

A budding little chef

Little kitchen helper

Simply cute.

Cooking together: superb little assistant

Little boy helping to prepare the coffee

The Tukataka tower is a great tool to satisfy even the most curious little minds. Children often want to be involved in what a parent does - what is going on in the pan, etc.

This dilemma over their safety could be solved with the use of the tower as they would be able to observe the activity, learn certain processes and gain hands-on experience.

Children love helping in the kitchen and participating in other interesting activities. As they learn and get used to it, they can move the tower around to observe various activities in the different areas of your kitchen and other rooms of your home. The bonus is that while in the tower, they are stationary, and can be monitored with ease.

Apple preparation in a Tukataka learning tower

One of our clients wrote to us about her husband’s initial scepticism when she purchased the tower. He initially thought that it was just another useless mod con.

Later, however, he admitted that it is an incredibly helpful tool. They started using the tower when their son was one year old. He is now five and they still use it together for baking and other activities.

Lovely little helper using the Tukataka Learning Tower

You will love the Tukataka tower. Not only will your little munchkin see everything, but more importantly, no more crying to be picked up.

To keep them engaged, you could give them food to taste whilst you cook. When they are old enough, they will be able to use the tower independently.

It’s much more fun to cook with such cute little helpers

Stirring of Ingredients

With the use of the tower children can help with baking, washing up and other small kitchen tasks. They will also be able to brush their teeth independently in the bathroom and more. Tukataka will encourage independence, curiosity and a desire to discover the world.

Your child is nearby and learning new skills

Making cookies in a learning tower

Isn’t she a little cutie? 

If you have two little ones, it may be advisable to have a twin tower accommodating both children, or you may have some disagreements over who wants to use which Tower :-).

Learn more

Magnetic chalkboard drawing

Learning tower with chalkboard

The abacus and magnetic chalkboard could also help with further development. So that your child does not get bored. Our towers can be customised to include a magnetic chalkboard or an abacus.

This means that if they are not helping you from the tower, they could entertain themselves with magnets, drawing or playing with the abacus.

I can reach the worktop at last!

Playing at the kitchen worktop

The Tukataka learning tower is simply amazing! Your little one is always nearby and could help with daily tasks whilst developing their skills. 

Read what mums say about our learning towers.

One can never be too careful; that is why the Tukataka towers are designed with stability and safety in mind. They have safety bars for added security.

There are also safety catches that are positioned in a manner that prevents your little one from accidentally or otherwise pulling them out. All these features are to ensure that your child is safe whilst in the learning tower.

The best step up stool tower

The learning tower is a Montessori inspired tool for your house that will fit into your daily routine very quickly. Who would have thought all you need to do is to raise your child up to your level?

Children love participating in whatever activity in which their parents are engaged. Getting them involved in some daily tasks will enable their developmental growth.

A child’s happiness is the purest kind

Playing whilst in the learning tower in the sink

Playing with floating little balls. Look at him! The whole kitchen was flooded, but to see the sparkle in his little eyes, it was totally worth it. 

Look at the joy!

Happy kid on a learning tower

Isn’t it wonderful that you do not have to pick up your child all the time or carry them around in the baby carrier?

With the learning tower, both your hands are free to continue your daily tasks whilst your child is nearby, playing, observing or participating in your activities. Let’s be honest, carrying a curious little child weighing 10-kg can be quite tiring. :)

The Learning Tower grows together with your child

Tukataka learning tower is height adjustable

As your child grows, so does the tower – not literally :-). We have solved the issue of your child outgrowing the tower by adding a height-adjustable step which can be moved to adapt to your child’s height or age. This extends the usability of our kitchen helper tower, which means you can use if for several years.

Give your child the best you can

The learning tower is a great aid that will become a part of your home very quickly. The wonderful thing for your little one is that they can observe the world around them much easier, and you, in turn, are not worried about not being able to monitor their movements because they have crawled out of sight.

It simply is worth investing in a Tukataka learning tower.

Do you want to create many happy childhood memories for your little one, and be able to cook without interruptions? Don’t hesitate, order your Tukataka learning tower today!

Tukataka learning tower - vertical version for little explorers

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