Twin learning tower: develops empathy and sibling cooperation

Twin learning tower: develops empathy and sibling cooperation

If you have twins or siblings who are similarly aged, one learning tower may not be enough. Also, having two learning towers in the kitchen requires more space and costs more money. This is why we came up with the idea of a twin learning tower, which will accommodate two children at once.


What is a twin learning tower?

Twin learning tower
Tukataka twin learning tower

A twin learning tower is basically a single learning tower that can accommodate two children at once. Your twins or siblings (if they are of a similar age) can use the learning tower at the same time. Originally, we designed it for our twins. We wanted to make sure they can play together in the tower without any space restrictions. Compared to the classic Tukataka learning tower, the twin tower is somewhat longer.


Tukataka twin learning tower for little explorers

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8 reasons for choosing a Tukataka twin learning tower

1. You will only need one learning tower for both children – with the twin learning tower, as both children can play whilst in the tower. Meaning they do not feel left out from the activities „up there“ ☺

2. Children are developing their social-emotional skills - cooking together or similar activity is a game that helps children to develop empathy. Children will learn to co-operate with others and understand their world.

3. Siblings will learn to work together and get along better. This is largely through the social-emotional skills development and through learning to understand the other person.

Twin learning tower

    4. No more multitasking during cooking! Being able to have both your children in the twin learning tower means you can keep an eye on your children while you are cooking as they are near you. No more running around the house. 

    5. Twin learning tower takes up less space compared to two single learning towers. (although some of our clients love the Tukataka towers so much that they have two or even three in their household ☺)


    6. Twin learning tower is cheaper than purchasing two single learning towers. So, the purchase will actually save you money.

    Double learning tower for two children

    7. No more arguments about who is going to use the learning tower now!

    8. The Tukataka twin learning tower helps with brain development and fine motor skills. This is valid for all learning towers. When in a learning tower, the child does new stimulating activities and focuses on the activities performed.


    Two models: a standard model and a model for little explorers

    Twin learning tower - standard model
    Tukataka twin learning tower - model for little explorers

    Our twin learning towers come as two different models, a standard model and a little explorer model. The standard twin learning tower has horizontal bars at the front and sides of the learning tower, whereas the little explorer twin tower model has vertical bars on the front and the sides. The Little Explorer Tower is, therefore, more suited for children who are very active and are likely to try and climb out of the learning tower.


    The advantages of a Tukataka learning tower

    The Tukataka learning towers are unique because they have many great points:

    1. The Tukataka learning tower will grow together with your child: the step is height-adjustable and can adjust to three different levels. So as your child grows, you will be able to adjust the step according to their height.

    Twin learning tower grows together with your child
    Twin learning tower grows together with your child

    2. All Tukataka towers are hand-made: each is unique, and no two towers are the same.

    Twin learning tower gets painted
    Twin learning tower is being painted with black colour

    3. Tukataka towers have removable safety bars: the safety bars at the back can be removed, so as your child gets older, it will be easier for them to get in and out of the tower independently.

    4. Completely tailor-made: you can add a magnetic chalkboard, an abacus, you can also specify what colour you want (we offer many different colours, varnish shades), you can opt for extra varnish or customise your tower by adding your child’s name (we will hand paint your child’s name onto the tower).

    Twin learning tower - name painting
    Name painting for Tukataka twin learning tower
    Abacus for Double Twin Learning tower


    Twin kitchen tower with magnetic chalkboard


    5. The tower is delivered fully assembled: all you have to do is choose the model you would like, choose your add-ons, and that’s it! We will manufacture and assemble the tower for you. All you have to do is unwrap it when it arrives.

    6. We are Trustedshops certified: Our money-back guarantee means that in the unlikely event of any problems, you will receive your money back.

    Trusted shops certification

    7. The Tukataka tower is a quality product made in the EU. All our learning towers are of exceptional quality, sturdy. Twin towers can carry two adults weighing up to 200-kg.

    8. Choice of multiple models for your child: We offer a Standard model and a Little explorer model. You can choose which model suits your child better.

    9. We offer a 3-year warranty: our warranty covers spare parts, or in the event of damage, we will repair the learning tower during the warranty period.

    10. Your purchase will support a family business: we are a small family business. We got the idea of manufacturing the learning tower (twin model) when our twins were 18 months old.


    Will the Tukataka twin learning tower fit my kitchen?

    You might be wondering whether the twin learning tower will fit into your kitchen. You could be thinking: „will it be too big?“ That is a fair question. So, we have prepared a dimension diagram for you. You can check out the size in the picture below or check out the text underneath the picture.

    Big box from the Tukataka twin learning tower
    • Height: 90 cm
    • Base (bottom length x width): 65 x 41 cm
    • Platform (upper length x width): 63 x 27 cm
    • Height settings: 50 cm, 37,5 cm, 25 cm
    • Step: 30 x 19 cm
    • Box dimensions: 70 x 50 x 100 cm
    • Material: wood - spruce
    • Weight: up to 10 kg
    • Assembly required: No - learning tower will be delivered built
    • Weight capacity: over 440 lbs (200 kg) – the twin tower can easily hold two adults

    Will the twin tower hold both children?

    Twin learning tower - weight capacity

    Yes, the twin tower is very safe and solid. As you can see on the picture, it will hold two adult men. The twin tower will hold two small children just as well.

    Twin learning tower - weight capacity

    You can create something from the box and play with the children

    Even a plain box can become a beautiful creation + you could have a lot of fun!

    Tukataka learning towers will arrive to you assembled. Twin towers too. Such a tower comes in a huge box, which you can use to play with children. All you need is a little creativity, and you could transform it into a play castle for little princesses, a space rocket, a submarine or even a little play stove!

    Big box from the Tukataka twin learning tower

    Check out more pictures and videos of our Tukataka twin learning tower

    Twin learning tower
    Double twin learning tower
    Twin learning tower
    Double twin learning tower for siblings
    Twin learning tower
    Twin learning tower for siblings
    Twin learning tower
    Twin learning tower for two children
    Twin learning tower
    Twin learning tower
    Tukataka Twin learning tower

    Tukataka twin learning tower

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