Wrapping and packaging your Learning Tower for Returns

Wrapping and packaging your Learning Tower for Returns

You have ordered your new Tukataka Learning Tower, and you have been anxiously waiting for it to arrive, but when you received it, you found that unfortunately, it got damaged during transport. And you cannot even show the courier the extent of the damage, as they are long gone... So, you may ask yourself, what do I do now?

Sometimes, damages can occur during transport. Sadly, it does not matter how many fragile stickers we use to indicate the item inside needs careful handling, damages can occur either by rough handling of the boxes or in general as the load shifts inside transport vehicles.

When this occurs, you may see a delivery box that looks like this:

damaged box
damaged box

At best, it was just the box that was damaged and not your new Tukataka tower. But that is not always the case. On occasion, a breakage in the packaging could mean that smaller, items (e.g., fridge magnets) could fall out of the box if they have become dislodged. If your Learning Tower is intact, and you are just missing a few smaller items, please contact us at help@tukataka.co.uk, and we will be happy to send you a replacement.

How about if your new Tukataka tower is seriously damaged and unusable?

Firstly, if the Tower looks damaged and unusable, do not use it! We would not want your child to injure themselves using a tower that may not be stable as a result of the damage. If you discover damage, please contact us by email at help@tukataka.co.uk within 24 hours of receiving your package.

When notifying us about damage, please include pictures of your damaged item (ideally you would attach pictures of the box, the damaged Tower and you must include an image of the delivery address label).

We want to ensure that our customers are happy. We will assess the condition of the tower and agree with you on how to best resolve this matter.

So… How to pack your tower for return shipping?

If your new Tukataka Tower is irreparably damaged and unusable, it needs to be exchanged. Therefore, you will need to return the damaged Tower to us. We recommend using the original packaging where possible.

Please follow these packaging tips:

1. Place the adjustable step in the lowest position, insert the pegs into a small bag, and use a packaging cling film to secure to the adjustable step as seen in the picture below:

step 1

2. Next, wrap the safety bars in a bubble wrap and use the packaging cling film to attach to the adjustable step as seen in the following picture:

step 2

3. The Tower is now ready to be wrapped in a protective bubble wrap. Please ensure that the whole tower is encased in bubble wrap (including the legs) to ensure the protection of the whole product. Next, to ensure the bubble wrap stays in place, secure it tightly with packaging tape:

step 3

4. Once the tower is wrapped in the protective bubble wrap, we add polystyrene. Secure the polystyrene to the outside surface using the packaging cling film (see picture below). If the polystyrene in the original packaging broke during transport, simply place the pieces of polystyrene to fit around the tower, and secure with the packaging cling film. If the polystyrene is damaged beyond use, please use another type of padding available (e.g., packaging foam).

step 4a
step 4b
step 4c
step 4d

5. Place one piece of polystyrene at the bottom of the box. If the box was slightly damaged during transport (e.g., has smaller holes) please seal these with packaging tape (inside and outside).

step 5

6. Once your Tukataka tower is wrapped in bubble wrap and protected by the polystyrene, insert it in the box:

step 6

7. Almost there! Place another piece of polystyrene on the top of your tower.

step 7

Your Learning tower is now ready to be collected by the courier. Once you have arranged all the details with our colleagues at help@tukataka.co.uk, your box can be sealed, and it is ready for collection.

Thank you for your cooperation during the packing process. We hope that this guide helps, and who knows? Maybe your little one helped during the packaging process?:) Woohoo! Another fun activity with your child is completed!

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