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User manual

The Tukataka learning tower is delivered already assembled and therefore can be used immediately.


Safety instructions before and during the use of Tukataka Learning Tower

To avoid serious injury or death by falling or sliding off the Learning Tower, the following Safety instructions must be followed:

  • This product is for domestic and indoor use only.
  • Your Learning tower is designed to be used on solid, non-slip flat surfaces.
  • The front of your Learning Tower must always be used against a structure that is fixed or solid (e.g., a kitchen unit, table, washbasin, etc.) to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Ensure you have tested the stability of the Learning Tower before you allow your child to climb in.
  • Only an adult may move or transfer the Learning Tower. DO NOT transfer the Learning Tower while your child is inside it. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times while using the Learning Tower.
  • WARNING: During the use of the Learning Tower, the child may attempt to climb out of the Tower and reach higher surfaces (e.g., kitchen countertop) where there is an increased risk of falls!
  • Always ensure that dangerous objects and appliances are out of the child’s reach (such as but not limited to, electric cables, knives, kettle, electric mixers, various hot surfaces, hanging items such as curtains, net curtains, strings etc.).
  • Always ensure that the safety bars are safely inserted and secured, so that the child cannot remove them as this could result in falls.
  • DO NOT insert, attach, or hang other foreign objects to any part of the Learning Tower.
  • WARNING: This product contains small openings exposing its user to the risk of getting stuck and suffocation.
  • Children must not climb in or out of the Tower through the safety or the sidebars. Do not allow your child to lean on the Tower with their full body weight.
  • The Tukataka learning tower is intended for children who can stand unaided. The recommended age for use of the Learning Tower is 14 months+.
  • The Tukataka Learning tower can only be accessed by climbing in through the back. Children must not climb onto the sides of the tower.
  • DO NOT place or use the tower near an open flame or other sources of direct, indirect or radiant heat.
  • Do not allow your child to bite the tower or the safety bars.

Operating instructions

  • Ensure that the height-adjustable step is at the right height for your child and that it is firmly and securely placed within the Learning Tower.
  • Remove the safety bars and allow your child to climb into the Tukataka Learning Tower (under adult supervision).
  • Insert the safety bars into their respectable openings.
  • The safety bars are secured in place with the aid of internal magnets, so please ensure that they are fully inserted in the openings provided.
  • If the Learning Tower is used by smaller children who cannot independently enter and exit the Tower, remove the safety bars from the Learning Tower. Carefully lower your child into the Tower, ensuring they are safe.
  • The Maximum Load capacity of the Tukataka Learning Tower is 100 kg. The Maximum Load capacity of the Tukataka Twin Learning Tower is 200 kg. Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of the Learning Tower!


If you notice any damage to the learning tower which may have been caused by the shipping company during transit, please notify us by email on help@tukataka.co.uk. Please include detailed pictures indicating the damage and a picture of your address label. To expedite the handling of your complaint, we ask that you inform us of any damages immediately after unpacking your item. Thank you.


You can get some more cleaning tips in our video in the article at: https://tukataka.co.uk/blogs/tower/how-look-after

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