Little Eilidh receiving her new Tukataka Tower

Little Eilidh receiving her new Tukataka Tower

Check out Little Eilidh’s reaction when she received her new Learning tower.

This kind of joy can be brought into the family routine when the Tukataka Learning Tower becomes part of the family. Little Eilidh began to unwrap her new Learning tower as soon as she’d received it. Once unwrapped, she didn’t hesitate to climb right into it! A proud new owner! It’s all „my“, she says...

Watching the joy of a child is incredibly satisfying. What’s more, a Learning Tower is a play tool that an entire family can enjoy. But above all, the little recipient will enjoy it most!

Little Eilidh playing in a Tukataka learning tower

It certainly won’t be put aside like many other toys are. The Tukataka Learning Tower can bring you many joyous moments throughout your daily life again and again. There is always a new activity that can be discovered with the use of the Learning tower. After all, it is such a versatile product the possibilities are truly endless!

Little Eilidh playing  in a learning tower
New Tukataka Learning tower

Why Tukataka Learning tower?

  • Height adjustable step: The step has three different height level settings which can be adjusted based on the height or age or age of the child.
  • Handmade product: Each product is original, made by hand from quality materials.
  • Made in the EU: Tukataka learning towers are made in the European Union. They are durable, high-quality products.
  • Unique accessories and add-ons: To customise your tower, we offer several add-ons.
  • You will be supporting a small family-run business: When purchasing from us, you are supporting a small, family-run business. Thank you.

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