Even a plain box can become a beautiful creation

Even a plain box can become a beautiful creation

 + you could have a lot of fun!


The main purpose of the box is to protect the precious cargo - your new Tukataka Learning tower from damage during delivery. However, you don’t have to discard the box immediately. On the contrary, the packaging box could potentially have a multitude of uses. All you need is a little creativity, and you could transform it into a play castle for little princesses, a space rocket, a submarine or even a little play stove!

Creativity knows no bounds! Encourage your little one’s creative mind, and you will be surprised just how many ideas can materialise out of a little bit of fantasy + you could have so much fun together :-) While it may be you who would take the lead during the manual creations, your little munchkin can help with colouring, sticking or other little tasks like cutting the shapes, etc. So, get your scissors, glue, coloured paper, colouring pencils ready, and let your creativity flow.

Need a little inspiration? Check out a few tips from other parents.

This space rocket will launch your little one higher and higher.

space rocket

Finished exploring the space? This superb submarine will take you down to the bottom of the deepest sea.

superb submarine

Or shall we get on the bullet train together?

bullet train

These three machines were created by a junior engineer, who was assisted by a couple of senior engineers (e.g., parents) from just one box! Aren’t they gorgeous?

It can be quite tricky to repurpose the box several times. Why not check out these creations for single box usage? :-)

If your child prefers the comfort of their home (compared to travelling to space), you can play together with their new stove or warm yourselves up by the new fireplace. :-)

girls playing by the stove

These little girls have just finished preparing a tasty dinner and invited their friends to join them.

girls reading by the fireplace
girls by fireplace

After dinner, they settled by a warm fireplace and read a few stories.

Check out our step-by-step visual guide for creating a stove/fireplace:

stove step by step

All we needed were scissors, sticky tape, coloured paper and paint. How do you like our stove?

fireplace step by step

To make this fireplace, we used scissors, coloured paper, glue and some paint. What do you think of it?

For those who like to read, how do you like this little reading house?

reading house

To make your little house cosier, why not add a tiny window, a few leaves outside, bring your blanket, or your favourite stuffed toy? Wonderful!

Why not come up with an unusual idea for your little explorer? You could have so much fun together!

We hope that you (and especially your little one) will be intrigued by these few tips and ideas. After all, wouldn’t it be great to find that your child could be a future engineer or even better - a spacecraft engineer at NASA! :-)

Would you like to send us your packaging box creations and ideas? You can tag us or mention us in your photos on Instagram #tukataka or @tukataka.tower. Alternatively, email us: help@tukataka.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

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