How to leave a review

 How to leave us a review


We pour our hearts into the Tukataka towers. We are keen to spread as much joy as possible and help to create even stronger bonds between parents and their children worldwide.

Recommendations are an important part of decision making. So that we can spread even more joy for other parents and grandparents out there, we would kindly ask for your help. Please, share your experience and feedback about the Tukataka towers in a review.

You can leave your review on any major platform that we use.


1. How to leave a review on Google (desktop)

Depending on whether you are using a laptop or mobile phone.

Laptop users have it easy - just click the link leading to the feedback form.  And click the blue “Write a review” button in the top righthand corner.

How to leave a review on Google (desktop)

2. How to leave a review on Google (mobile)

For mobile devices, open our profile page or search for “Tukataka towers” in the search bar and then tap on our profile.

Scroll down, until you see the section with stars. Select the number of stars that you would like to add as your rating and write your comments.

How to leave us a review on mobile

3. How to leave a review on Trusted shops

You will receive an email from Trusted shops, the European platform for buyers protection, and eCommerce rating within a couple of weeks of your order you. The email will be similar to this image –

Leave us a review on Trustedshops

Click on the “Rate now” button (blue button), and complete the review form.

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write your review.

We wish you many incredible moments using your towers, preparing delicious meals made together while using your Tukataka tower.❤️😊

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