Affiliate program: Earn extra money or how you can get your tower free of charge?

Affiliate program: Earn extra money or how you can get your tower free of charge?

Do you like your Tukataka learning tower?

Do you think it is a useful, great investment that you would like to recommend to your family or friends?

Would you like to earn some extra money?

If the answer to all the questions above is YES, then we have some amazing news for you :)

We invest a lot of money into marketing on Facebook, Instagram, or Google so that we spread the word about our product. But no matter how good these platforms are, no algorithm can ever match good old recommendation from someone you trust. 

So, we would much prefer to pay money to you, our loyal customers, instead of Mark Zuckerberg. That is why we are starting an affiliate program.

Tukataka recommendation
Tukataka recommendation

How to apply?

  1. Write to us (contact us via e-mail, live chat, or on social networks) and let us know that you want to participate
  2. We will generate an affiliate link for you, something like for example: This link will be unique to you and you only.
  3. Share the link and spread the word about Tukataka tower via email, social networks, messenger, etc.
  4. Receive 10 GBP for all customers who purchase a Tukataka tower within 30 days of clicking on your link (7 days for customers who use Safari browser). 
  5. We will send you a monthly report via email and you decide what you want to do with the money. You can request money transfer, or you can choose to use your money to purchase items from our product range.
    Tukataka learning tower recommendation

    Tukataka learning tower recommendation


    You love our towers already and recommend them anyways. Why not possibly earn comission?


    Sounds tempting? You could technically get a tower for free. Just another reason to justify your purchase 😊

    Initially, we will be testing this new scheme. After all, we want to be sure that it something of interest to our clients, so at first, the process will be manual, and we would like you to bear with us. As the scheme progresses and becomes more popular, it will be improved, and the process will become automated.

    Small print in the footer that nobody reads:

    1. For the affiliate link to work, the user must use the same browser. If they click the link from a mobile device, read about the tower, and make their purchase using a desktop browser on their computer, we will not be able to match the link as the transaction originated from a different device. Similarly, if a customer sees a post on Instagram, they read about the tower and then open a Safari browser on their iPhone to complete the purchase, we will not be able to match the link.
    2. The affiliate link is valid for 30 days only (most browsers). For Safari users, please be advised that the link must be used within 7 days from clicking.
    3. To avoid false purchases, funds will be credited for customers who do not return the tower within 14 days protection period.
    4. We all are law-abiding citizens paying their taxes. If you choose to receive a payout, you should:
      • be able to send us an invoice; or
      • we will pay any taxes due and then send you the net difference
    5. All prices on our website include the standard rate of VAT (20%)


    We look forward to you becoming our affiliate

    Tukataka Tower Team

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