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Please check your box and its contents before accepting your delivery


All Tukataka learning towers are not only made with love but also packaged with love. ️️

All our towers are surrounded with thick polystyrene packaging and then shrink-wrapped in a film. We use a heavy-duty 5-layers cardboard box to transport your Tukataka tower which is clearly labelled as “fragile”.



Unfortunately, as much as we try to ensure that the much-anticipated tower for your child gets to you intact, it can sometimes occur that the delivery companies do not treat the boxes transported with as much love as we do. 💔

Fortunately, we insure all Tukataka towers against any damage caused during transportation. Please read this information carefully so that you can record any damage correctly with the courier at the time of delivery, to ensure the delivery company accepts your claim.


Please check the box for any damage


Although the cardboard box damage is a rare occurrence, we would still advise you to check the box in which your Tukataka tower is delivered carefully. Before accepting the delivery, ensure the outer packaging is not damaged. Are there any visible signs of damage or tear? Even small holes or tears are important.

Ensure that you have checked the content of the package before you sign for it. It is your consumer right to request that the courier waits while you have a reasonable opportunity to examine the goods yourself.


My box is damaged. What should I do?

Any damage to the delivery box must be reported and recorded at the time of delivery. Please record any damage with the courier in the delivery note.

All Tukataka shipments are insured, but to ensure that the delivery company accepts your claim, you must complete a Parcel damage report. Failure to do so may result in your claim being denied. Please note, once you have signed for the delivery, you take responsibility for any damage.

Once you have completed the damage report, please take as many photos of the damaged packaging as possible. Ensure to take photos of the box before opening it.


I have opened my box and my Tukataka tower is damaged. What do I do?

Once you have received your tower, please ensure to check its contents as soon as possible. We take great care to wrap your Tukataka tower safely. All our towers are surrounded with thick polystyrene packaging and then shrink-wrapped in a film. We use a heavy-duty 5-layers cardboard box, these should ensure that your tower is protected and can withstand general to tougher handling. 

However, in the unlikely event that your Tukataka tower gets damaged during transport, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery on Please supply all supporting evidence (detailed information about the damage, photos, delivery damage report). We endeavour to resolve any issues on an individual basis.

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