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The two main reasons behind our shipping pricing

The two main reasons behind our shipping pricing

We have been receiving correspondence from some of our customers regarding our shipping charge of £19,99. If you, too were wondering why we have set this price, or what exactly is included in it, then this article will hopefully explain the two main reasons behind our pricing :)

First: Convenience - all our towers come already assembled

We’ve all been there. Remember the days, when you drove to IKEA, bought your flatpack item, arrived at home, opened the box, and tried to work out the manuals and drawings? That is not the case with our Towers. You do not have to look for a screwdriver, struggle with tightening the screws, only to realise that there is always a screw or a piece extra, and you are unsure where it should go?

The Tukataka towers come fully assembled and you can start using them literally as soon as you unpack them. It really is just a case of opening the box, removing the bubble wrap and your little one can simply hop in. It’s that simple!

We have put a lot of thought into the design of our towers. They are designed with a very high finish making it almost impossible to see bolts, nails or screws. It´s just a clean and beautiful design. If Apple designed learning towers, this would be it :)

The downside of having this convenience is, that we need to put it in a fairly large box. As you may be aware, the bigger the package, the heavier items are overall. In this case, the complete item fully packaged for delivery weighs roughly 12-15 kilograms (25-33 pounds). Naturally, carrying a box this size is also more difficult and, in this case, couriers have to handle the package gently, with extra care, ensuring they do not drop it and damage the tower.

So, although we have negotiated great rates with the shipping companies, shipping a large parcel that needs to be handled with care will reflect on what the shipping companies charge for such service.

Second: Distance – our Towers travel over 1000 kilometres to you

All our Towers are handmade in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe. You may have heard of the country, many Brits love it here, because it is a beautiful country with friendly people and great food.

But a big heavy box travelling thousands of kilometres from Bratislava, Slovakia will cost slightly more to be shipped.

We know that some customers may see shipping costs as an issue. However, we would like you to bear in mind these key points:

  • Do you want the headache of having to assemble the item or the convenience of being able to use it immediately?
  • Do you want to ensure your child is safe in a high-quality Tower, one that is unlikely to start chipping and becoming unstable because of the lower quality materials used for its assembly?

With this in mind, we would like you to remember that ordering from Tukataka is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Choose
  2. Order
  3. Use

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