Clean hands

Clean hands

We all are aware of the importance of hand hygiene. Now, more than ever we want to ensure that we keep our hands clean. Not only is it a simple hygiene habit, but it should be an integral part of our daily life if we want to stay safe and healthy.

It is never too early to start getting your little ones into the habit of washing their hands regularly. After all, we touch so many things! All of the surfaces contain their own germs and bacteria that can get on our hands. The same thing applies to children, and we can safely say that with little kiddies, this applies several times over. Children love exploring! And what is the best thing to explore with? Well, of course, their little hands! Children don’t yet know the importance of having clean hands, which is why we must instil this basic hygiene habit in them.

There are countless situations when children need to wash their hands (before a meal, after using the toilet, after playing with animals, after returning from the play area in the park.... the list is endless. So, how to best teach your children about germs and handwashing when they can barely reach the basin? The answer is relatively easy. We can transfer the learning tower into the bathroom!

washing hands

Although most of us will mainly use the Learning Tower in the kitchen, it can be quite useful in other areas of the house and your little one can learn so much more.

Check out this little munchkin whose parents used the Tower in the bathroom.

Isn’t he wonderful? Now, let’s not forget – wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, or about the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice ;-)

Now that our hands are clean, let’s not forget to brush our teeth :-)

teeth cleaning 1
teeth cleaning 2
teeth cleaning 3

Thanks to the Learning Tower, your child will have a completely new perspective on these daily “tasks”. And how is your little one managing their daily hygiene routine?

FYI: The Tukataka Tower is incredibly stable and will not move*. Check out this video where this little explorer tried to climb over the tower, and it did not move. Isn’t that great? ;-)

* Tukataka Learning towers are safe as long as they are used in a reasonable and foreseeable way.

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