Delivery time  Important: Due to Brexit related delays, please expect your tower to be delivered at the end of March. Read more

Brexit delays

Brexit delays

Our dear customers,

It breaks our hearts to inform you that we are experiencing delays in delivery. 💔

Because of Brexit there are delays and a lot of chaos at the borders. We spent the whole January figuring out everything that is required in order to be able to start shipping to the UK again. We asked five different customs officers and got five different replies, one contradicting the other.

The good news is that we know what is required now. Another good news is that you will not pay any additional VAT or import tax related to Brexit.

To be able to start shipping again we need to get our UK VAT number which is a requirement by the law and parcel companies. We have filled out the application (at the end of January) and are waiting to get it from HMRC. The bad news is that it takes roughly 40 days to get it.

For that reason, please expect your tower shipped out around the end of March (even though we will have it ready much sooner). Hopefully by then we will have all the paperwork in place and we will be able to go back to normal.

We know you would like to have your tower as soon as possible. We promise we are doing our best to bring you all those best moments.

Thank you for your trust ❤️
Filip Kuna, co-founder & Tukataka towers team

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